Ramona, 25 years old, italian. Graphic designer wannabe. Obsessed with 30 Seconds to Mars, Jared Leto, Hurts, BBC's Sherlock, Doctor Who, David Tennant, Once Upon a Time, Harry Potter, Hunger Games.

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Sherlock.by ~Taking-meds

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from Performance in a Leading Role

#Sherlock #fan art


Hey guys! It’s the 12th Doctor! He’s been cast! THIS IS THE SEASON 8 POSTER!!

JK it’s just an idea I wanted to draw, Eleven dying and regenerating… into Benedict Cumberbatch! AHHH!! Who I think could totally be a fascinating Doctor (super British and can talk really fast and is tall, dark, and dreamy) but probably never going to happen. It’s really fun to imagine what Twelve would be like though… I dressed him in something inspired by Alexander McQueen menswear! He’d also have a Sonic Cane all the time! No bowtie though, that’s so last season.

#Doctor Who #fan art
#Doctor Who #fan art


John would make a kick-ass companion. Sherlock, not so much.

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Absolutely necessary


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